On-site Scanning

When you need the document scanning to come to you.


If your business has documents that cannot leave your office, no problem we can bring our state of the art equipment to you! No matter what city or state you are located in, Digital Records Management can scan all of your files onsite at your location. We can set up anywhere from 1 – 50 workstations depending on your needs. Our scanning includes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for searchable text. So not only will you have digital images of all your scanned files, but all of the text will be searchable.

How On-Site Scanning Works

For fragile or confidential records that cannot leave the premises.

We understand that sometimes the documents and data cannot leave your facility because the information is too valuable or the risk is too high. Digital Records Management has specifically built our operations teams to support on-site services to help you maintain a paperless office and we deploy our team rapidly. We have a proven process that brings our big data center style high-quality document scanning and imaging services to your location. We love to travel and we specialize in onsite operations.

Our Service Includes

  • Document preparation according to your instructions.
  • High-volume scanning according to your needs.
  • Return or secure destruction of originals.
  • Process any-size document.
  • Data entry and indexing.

If you’re staring at an overwhelming amount of paper and sending the files offsite is impossible, contact our team to set up a plan for your on-site scanning project. Whether the project is on-site or off-site, the responsibility is ours to get the job done properly and quality is always our most important priority.

Locations Supported

Museums & Libraries
Financial Institutions
Insurance Companies
Government Offices
Doctors’ Offices
Medical Centers
Law Offices
Oil Refineries
Power Plants
Gas & Electric Companies
Research Laboratories

While there are certainly economies of scale involved, there is also the off-site document scanning service operations, as for some projects, the idea of sending files to our facility is simply not an option. In those instances, we can bring our equipment, processes and personnel to your site to help you change your documents to digital images.

Other Services

Document Shredding

Certified document destruction for inactive files that have been digitized or are past their required retention period.


Document Scanning

Digitize your back file records and securely transition from paper documents to text searchable electronic files.


Microfilm Conversion

No matter what your kind of microform, roll, jacket, cartrage, or card, we can convert it into digital files.


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