Hard Drive Destruction

Professional service to destroy old hard drives, flash drives, optical disks, or other data storage.


Whether you’re an individual who wants to get rid of an old computer or an IT manager looking to shut down a server, it’s critical to ensure the hard drives in equipment you no longer use are destroyed the correct way. Hard drives contain sensitive information, including credit card and bank information, tax records, old emails, and plenty more that needs to be kept private. For businesses, confidential information can also include trade secrets, contracts, and invoices as well as employee and customer records that must be protected by law.

How Hard Drive Shredding Works

You’ll want to know we use proper procedures every step of the way.

Secure chain of custody: Includes putting your devices in secure tamper-proof containers for pick up, GPS-tracked transport in a locked vehicle, and 24/7 monitoring while your items are at the service facility.

Inventory control: An auditable itemized list of your IT assets is made with serial numbers and barcodes. All asset tags and corporate identifying marks are removed prior to the recycling and destruction process.

Compliant with state and federal laws: All processes comply with government rules and regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, FERPA, PCI DSS, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Professional staff: Employees are specially trained in secure electronic data destruction protocols.

Vetted security technicians: Employees are bonded, undergo background checks, sign non-disclosure & confidentiality agreements, and participate in ongoing security training.

Industrial-grade shredder: Machinery is efficient and breaks hard drives into small pieces that cannot be read or reconstructed.

Proof of destruction: You receive a certificate of destruction with an itemized report of the serial numbers of the hard drives destroyed.

Proper recycling: Your e-waste is recycled in accordance with EPA standards, with a 100% zero-landfill guarantee.

Media We Destroy

Hard Drives
Flash Drives
CD’s & DVD’s
Floppy Disks
Data Tapes
Cassette Tapes
Pharmaceutical Bottles
X Rays
and much, much, more!

Other Services

Document Shredding

Certified document destruction for inactive files that have been digitized or are past their required retention period.


Document Scanning

Digitize your back file records and securely transition from paper documents to text searchable electronic files.


Microfilm Conversion

No matter what your kind of microform, roll, jacket, cartrage, or card, we can convert it into digital files.


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