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We can store an entire warehouse of files onto a small flash drive that can fit on your key chain so there is no need for boxes piling up in your office or off-site storage facility. You’ll never waste another dime storing your documents or paying to retrieve documents from storage facilities. Never again will projects be delayed because of missing or unavailable documents.

  • 7.5% of all documents get lost, 3% of the remainder get misfiled
  • A typical worker spends thirty minutes to two hours a day -searching for documents
  • The average cost to find a misfiled document is $120.00
    The average cost to reproduce a lost document is $220.00
  • The average document is reproduced 19 times

Source: Coopers & Lybrand

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"They made me feel at ease. Bottom line, they are a trustworthy company that i'd recommend to family and friends with their confidential documents."

Mike S.


"Friendly, on time, clean, quiet, quick, easy to deal with. Whenever I need DRM for a specialized job, they are always available and affordable. I use DRM for all of our scanning."

Randy W.



Save Time

All digital files are indexed to your specifications (by case number, file number, name, SSN, DOB,etc.) to make searching through them faster, more efficient, and easier than searching through a microfiche viewer or boxes of documents.

Save Money

No more storage fees, or the cost of retrieving a file. Since your files are digital, no more copy machine costs either.

Save Space

One CD-ROM can store approximately 15,000 images (six legal-sized file boxes) of information. One DVD can store more than 50 boxes! NO MORE BOXES PILING UP!! Need a hard copy? Just print it out.



In the event of a disaster, all of your documents will be backed up. Since your files will be digital, you can keep back-up copies at different locations. This feature alone is priceless.

Other Services

Document Shredding

Certified document destruction for inactive files that have been digitized or are past their required retention period.


Large Format Scanning

High-quality conversion of your maps, drawings, blueprints, plan sets, designs, etc. to digital format.


Microfilm Conversion

No matter what your kind of microform, roll, jacket, cartrage, or card, we can convert it into digital files.


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Each and every file, document, and byte of information you store with us is owned by you. We won’t copy, share, or modify your data. We will never even access your data without your consent. You can request a full copy of your data at any time. For more information see our privacy policy, or feel free to contact us.