Digital Records Management

Document Scanning, Shredding, & Paperless Solutions

Document Scanning

Convert Your Paper Into Text-Searchable Digital Files

Document Shredding

Certified Document Destruction to Meet Your Compliance Needs

Microfilm Conversion

Convert Any Microfilm Type Into Easy To Access Digital Files

Document Data Storage

Digital Document Management in a Secure Cloud Environment


What We Do

Custom Paperless Solutions

We are committed to finding solutions to our clients’ needs to help them create a paperless office so they can operate at their highest capabilities. Our record management services can support you with cost savings and operational flexibility.

Document Shredding

Certified document destruction for inactive files that have been digitized or are past their required retention period.


Document Scanning

Digitize your back file records and securely transition from paper documents to text searchable electronic files.


Microfilm Conversion

No matter what your kind of microform, roll, jacket, cartrage, or card, we can convert it into digital files.


Hard Drive Destruction

Professional destruction of old hard drives, flash drives, optical disks, and other storage for data security.


Shred Bin Service

On-site or haul away shredding with provided bins. Shred when full, or at a scheduled interval.


Mobile Shredding

Bin pickup, box pickup, truck pickup options as well as on-site conveyor truck shredding service.


Large Format Scanning

High-quality conversion of your maps, drawings, blueprints, plan sets, designs, etc. to digital format.


Data Entry Services

Low or high-volume, cost-effective, data entry services with guaranteed accuracy to your specifications.


On-Site Scanning

When you need the document scanning to come to you. We can scan your confidential files at your location.


How Do You Know If You Need Record Managment Services?

From Document Scanning & Shredding to Document Storage & Microfilm Conversion, our experts will help you select a customized Document Management or Paperless Solution that fits exactly your company’s needs and budget.

Headquartered in Canoga Park, CA we provide local service all of the San Fernando Valley to help you with all your record management needs. To get a free quote, fill out our webform, or give us a call at [su_sales_phone].

Digital Documents Save Money

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An effective document management and scanning program will save you and your company lots of money. Your employees will be more productive. Your office will be more efficient. You’ll be better prepared in case of emergency or disaster.

More Office Space

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Using prime office real estate to store business records is costly. Scanning your documents frees up office space so it can be used to generate more revenue for your company.

Better Collaboration

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Wouldn’t it be more productive if everyone had access to all of the “hard” files they needed – without having to pull them, copy them and then hope they replace them? Go paperless with document scanning and imaging!

Better Data Security

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Protecting hard copy information is difficult at best. Scanned documents can be encrypted, password protected, and securely stored in the cloud. You can assign access levels to specific users and track all file activity.

Audit Compliance

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Compliance is a reality for most businesses. Document scanning makes it easier for your company to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations. Digital files can be organized, indexed and produced quickly to meet the demands of even the strictest auditor.

For A Greener Planet

In this environmentally friendly age scanning your documents helps a business move towards having a paperless office.


For Easier Access

Digital files are stored with keywords or optical character recognition so relevant documents can be easily searched.

For Better Security

Scanned documents can be encrypted, password protected with access levels to specific users, and file activity tracked.

“What can I say except top notch customer service. I mostly communicated with Mike via DM and text messages and he was always responsive. Gave us a great deal too.”

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Awesome service! You guys were kind enough to help me in with all my stuff, great staff, efficient shredding! Communication prior to me coming in was great.

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