At Digital Records Management we can set you up with shred bins that are locked and secured and look great. We can pick them up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. If you have a special request just call and we can accomodate your needs.

There are a couple of different choices depening on the size of your office and shredding needs.

We have 64 gallon shred bins, 95 gallon shred bins and consoles that are smaller. (About 32 gallons) They are cabinets with removable bags for tighter spaces in offices. All have openings that you can put the paper in. Of Course we will supply you with a key so you can open up the bin/cabinet if you need to dump in large amounts of paper.

No need to remove staples or clips. Our Shredders can shred it all. You can even throw in credit cards, cd’s, etc.

Call us at 877-600-4072 for a free quote for our shred bins.