At Digital Records Management we are pleased to let you know we now offer onsite mobile shredding at your location. Now you have choices. We can either pickup your bins and take them to our secured ware house to shred your files or can destroy all of your confidential data onsite at your location.
How does it work? It’s simple. We bring our truck to your location and all of your documents are dumped into our shred bins where they get lifted in to our truck and destroyed at your location.
If you have shred bins, they will fit on to our conveyor belt located on the side of our truck. Then the bins get lifted and dumped into our big shredders where you can come watch all of those documents being destroyed right in front of you.
If you have boxes, we do the same. All get dumped into bins then shredded in front of you.
Our State of the art shred trucks come equipped with cameras so you can get some popcorn and watch all the shredding take place on our cameras.
Give us a call at 877-660-4072 for a free quote to shred all of your files onsite with our mobile shredding tucks.