A company you can trust means everything in document shredding and destruction services. Digital Records Management can keep your confidential documents safe and secure until they are processed in our own state-of-the-art shredders. Paper, plastic ID cards, CDs can all be destroyed in our system. After we shred all of your confidential files we now bale our paper at our warehouse. Since we do all of our shredding and baling in house we can pass our savings along to you. If you have a large purge shred project or would like to set up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service we are here to help.

Digital Records Management knows how important it is to have your records safe and secure in a locked bin or cabinet. Our custom bins and cabinets are locked and secured, durable, long-lasting and they look great. The Regal cabinet has a built-in paper-guard, as well as super-strong bag hooks that won’t bend or fall out. No more loose paper missing the bag. Our higher capacity custom-fit bag has flat bottom construction and two handles for quick emptying. Our bins are made for larger offices with more shredding.

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The Regal Economy Bin

Easily Movable within your office, High Capacity Cabinet looks great in any office.


Shredding services offered by DRM:

-Onsite document destruction
-Mobile document shredding
-Personal document shredding
-Secure Document Destruction
-Offsite shredding services
-Large purge shredding
                 -Secure bin shredding for regular pickups
-Residential shredding

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