Digital Records Management was founded in 2001. We are a document scanning company but we have evolved into much more than that over the years. We are a complete document management company whose goal is to help businesses work more effectively by eliminating their need for paper.

Since we started the company we have designed our own document scanning software which we use and constantly are upgrading to fill our needs as well as our client's needs. We have also developed an online system to manage files. This system is called drm-securefile.com. It is an online document management system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

We got into document destruction in 2009. Since then we have grown by getting larger shredders and now can bale our own paper after shredding all files. All paper is recycled and used to make more paper products. This is truly a "green" company.

Recently we have evolved into mobile document shredding as well. We can now destroy all confidential documents onsite at our clients locations or at our warehouse located in Canoga Park, CA.

Another service we have recently decided to offer is hard drive destruction. Our state of the art

hard drive destroyers can crush, destroy and mangle up to 240 hard drives per hour. Our clients are partners in our development. In fulfilling their records management needs, we've added as-needed services and bigger and better scanners and shredders, eliminating paper. We will continue to grow with our clients so we can always be here to help with your records management needs.

Digital Records Management is here to be your partner in records management.